Improvised Auto Repair- Stranded in the Sahara   See the story here.

Posted on November 30, 2017 by AutoRepairManager

In 1993, a French guy named Emile Leray decided to go on a trip through Northern Africa in his Citroen 2CV.  He runs into some hassle at a military check-point in a town called Tilemsen. He turns around, and opts to go off-road for fear the military are following him. He’s in the middle of the western Sahara when his car hit a hard bump and broke its axle So now he’s stranded in the Western Sahara desert, far from a road. He decides to take his car apart and make a motorcycle. He uses the shell of the car as a shelter against sun and sand-storms :

He removes the engine block and designs himself an impromptu motor-bike. He’s got no welding tool so has to use screws and perform many other feats of ingenuity. He rode away on this :

This real-life MacGyver is still alive and well. He’s got one weird motorcycle and a hell of a story to go with it.