AllsystemsMax Pro
User guide


Follow these 4 steps to get up and running:
1.     Visit  the AllsystemsMax Pro website at, and click the 'Price/Download' button near the bottom left of the home page.
2.     Click the 'Download Now!' button to download 'setup_AllsystemsMax_v9.n.n.n.exe'.
3.     After download is complete click on 'setup_AllsystemsMax_v9.n.n.n.exe' found either at bottom left of the screen, or in your Downloads folder.
4.     The first time you install AllsystemsMax Pro make sure you leave the Server Installation checkbox checked. Thereafter you can purchase additional licenses and install on as many additonial Windows Workstations as you need. On additional Windows workstations uncheck Server Installation to link the new workstation to the previously installed Server. Installation of the mobile app can be found in the Concepts section found at the end of this manual, in Section E: Mobile App.
About this document...
This document follows the organization of the software itself, by covering the two main sections,  Application Menu Bar and Tabbed Notebook, in which you will do all your work. 
That is followed by the Concepts section, which discusses topics that apply to the entire program. Reading the Concepts section will give you a more complete understanding of the software and enable you to gain maximize benefit from its use.
You can use this document by itself to learn about the software. There are ample screenshots. But you will probably want to try things out yourself as you read through it, so we recommend having the software up and running with the Sample Company database open while you do so.