AllsystemsMax Pro
User guide

First Look

AllsystemsMax Pro has a single homepage that remains active so that you never get lost within the program. Like many traditional Windows programs designed to handle a large database of information, there's a simple menu bar along the top of the screen which contains drop-down menus. These menus are for activities that you may only need to do once in a while yet are still important. However, to get started quickly, familiarize yourself first with tabs. That is where the day to day action is. In the snapshot below, the Schedule tab is selected.  
In the tabbed notebook,. you work from left to right. The Schedule tab displays your current work in progress. Double click a line and your repair order is opened for editing in the next tab to the right. Or start a new repair order by clicking the Start New R.O. button found at the top left of the window, below the tab labeled 'Schedule', circled in the screenshot above.
For more about the Schedule tab click here.
In the Repair Order tab, customer and vehicle information can be edited, and previous invoice history for the vehicle is also available. But the first thing you will probably want to do is insert labor parts and sublet line items into the repair order, using any of the buttons indicated below. Labor-Parts-Sublet is a good place to start experimenting.
For more about the Repair Order tab click here.
Before invoicing, preview the repair order by clicking the Preview button (bottom left in the illustration above).  Make sure it is complete and accurate by seeing the job as it will appear when printed. 
Then click the Invoice button (not shown above) to begin the invoicing process. Make final decisions about additional fees, and discounts and then accept full or partial payment, or just charge on account and post payments later. 
After invoicing a repair order, it is no longer in the Schedule tab. Instead, it will be stashed in the next tab to the right, the Final Invoices tab. Final means final. Except for some very minor exceptions, invoices cannot be edited. But you can create a refund for all or part of the invoice. 
For more about the Final Invoices tab click here.
The next tab to the right, the Reports tab, helps you take full advantage of all the data you have collected, by providing an easy way to view reports for any date range, either in spreadsheet view or in formatted reports. In addition,  key indicators for your business are charted graphically.
For more about the Reports tab click here.
The Contact Manager tab keeps you connected with your customers, by generating appointment and service reminders, as well as other  followup correspondence.
For more about the Contact Manager tab click here.